London Pedestrian Routemap. Maybe we could start one of these for Birmingham too?

Update: Nunovo likes the link, and wrestles with the ideas involved…

“Some routes will be very simple. Custard Factory to Centenary Square: how simple is that? Easy! … people tend to select simpler, more accessible routes than more complex, less accessible ones.”

I think they may like the simple and signed routes the first time – although without a map and a good sense of direction, for a first-visit tourist to get from the Custard Factory to Centenary Square is not going to be easy or un-stressful. Or pretty, come to that. This is where 3D “walkable” city maps such as Google Earth: Berlin might come in useful, to “walk before you visit”.

But there’s always a distinct difference between the first, second and third time one travels a route. By the third time one will be clearly noting the stress points, and mentally working out the costs and benefits of varying the route in future. We need to tap into local knowledge, and send out seasoned city walkers tracked with GPS devices, rather than having a Council official stand at an intersection and make a bureaucratic decision about where the walker should go, with insurance claims by dodgy lawyers constantly at the back of his mind. I’d say we need an innovative street-map based wiki, that works by route rather than by push-pin point. After a period of time, refined and group-agreed routes could then be mapped onto a “walkable” Google Earth 3D model of the city, perhaps in three variants (scenic, direct, least stressful)?