Don’t say I didn’t warn you. More on the arts cuts

“Artists, actors and musicians all over the country will discover this week that the biggest grants scheme for arts projects has been slashed by the Arts Council by a third, from £83 to £54 million. The move, which comes without any advance warning, is the result of faltering lottery ticket sales and the first of the Olympics raids on the funds. The cut comes into effect tomorrow…”

I’ve calculated the odds of a West Midlands visual artist getting an Arts Council grant several times on D’log. It seems those odds have just got a lot longer, since the announced cuts will disproportionately hit individual artists, small projects and touring troupes.

Meanwhile, gathered from a quick 5-minute survey of Google News: £150,000 of arts cuts in Hampstead, London; the closure of the Gardener Arts Centre in Sussex; news of the closure of the Community Arts Workshop in Leamington Spa; problems with arts funding in Crawley; possible closure of a Bournmouth arts centre; effective closure and loss of decades of curatorial expertise at the William Morris gallery in Waltham; Wandsworth Museum only saved at the last minute by millions from a charitable trust; a serious threat to Bromsgrove Museum; “severe cutbacks” at the Art Gallery & Museum in Rugby. With a little more digging, this list could doubtless double in size. And that’s just this week. What about next month, next year, the next five years?