Just released by Google Earth today; Birmingham in new higher-resolution imagery. Below is a half G.Earth-size ‘Floozie in the Jacuzzi’, the fountain/sculpture outside the Council House. The new photography seems to be very late-afternoon aerial photography (before it was at about 2pm), since tall buildings now cast very deep shadows. Judging by the absence of one particular new building, the imagery seems to date from about Summer 05. There’s also a definite angle on many buildings; the Town Hall is ‘straight-overhead’, while the office buildings by Snow Hill station are virtually isometric. There also seems to be new DEM-based contour-shaping of the 3D earth model, which is most noticable if you head for somewhere hilly like Buxton in the Peak District, but which can also be boosted to get a more realistic terrain for Birmingham (go: Options / Terrain Quality (Higher) / and boost “Elevation Exaggeration” to “2”). Then use the top slider to tilt the view. It makes Sutton Park look very fab.