Looking at the new and booming Twitter service, I was wondering; what if you did not need to manually send a text message? What if your location-aware mobile phone did it for you; “telling” Twitter where you are, what you had just paid for with PayPal Mobile in a cafe, and what the weather/traffic was like in that part of London (because it could fetch such real-time data)? From this information it would construct a posting in a coherently writerly form, then make an autonomous posting on your behalf (and ideally, plonk it accurately on a map at the point the twitter was sent). You would not even have to touch the keypad or look at the screen (free at last!); but that twitter posting would seem to have been written by you.

And could those autonomous postings then be “skinned“ with authorial personalities? Sounding blokey, feminine, nerdy, etc? And perhaps those personalities could then change slightly in tone throughout the day, to reflect your speed of travel and the number of calls you are taking and making? For instance; travelling fast, getting lots of calls would mean that your “Twitter personality” module produced postings that sounded harrassed and busy. Could such a paid-for downloadable “personality posting” module for your “aware” phone emerge as ‘the new ring-tone’?

Or perhaps such an idea could be taken in artistic directions, by generative software in “aware” mobile phones that would automatically compose tiny haiku-like txt poems, based on the everyday activities that would otherwise slip away un-noticed?

My hot coffee steams.
A pause after springtime travel.
Warm mist lingers.

Of course, we might not always like what it writes:

In the quiet zone of the early train,
I chat on my mobile.
My brain – the size of a pea.