Brum, here we come:
I caught the train down to Birmingham, via Wolverhampton where I saw Wolverhampton Art Gallery’s Sea exhibition. Some inspiring work in it. Two luscious c-type photo-prints which approach the quality of painting, taken from a cliff looking down on distant bathers & the wide sea. Some fine boxed work; old surgical impliments and animal skulls found in the surf, placed alongside worked-over & written-on photos of an old coastal hospital.

Then I carried on into Birmingham, standing by the open window of the train. The Black Country looked quite perky in the low early-Spring sunlight, although Tipton‘s Cracker park is once again littered with wrecked stolen cars. Through Birmingham city-centre, via BIAD to hand in my class’s marked essays, to the Ikon Gallery to photograph the artsnet launch. I must say the Ikon Gallery has sunk in my estimation; for putting on the current Katharina Grosse exhibition. This show is surely the last dismal dregs of Britart, hastily roller-brushed onto the walls of the Ikon. It’s not even a ‘Britart’ joke, it’s devoid of any wit. It’s frankly embarassing that this ‘show’ is in Birmingham during the run-up to the Capital of Culture bid. You can see the so-called ‘work’ in the background of some of the photos below. Anyway; her gallery was where the artsnet cocktails launch-party was held. It went very well, attracting well over a hundred, and I made several of useful contacts – although there wasn’t much gossip about.

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