UK weblogs:
Oooh! A new big UK blogs listing! Current submissions, too.

The future belongs to us:
The World Future Society has issued its “Jobs Forecast for the Next 25 Years”. Not how many, but what new types: like artificial intelligence technician, aquaculturist, bionics medical technician, computational linguist, cryonics technician, e-mail manager, personal image & leisure-time consultant, information broker, information-base manager, relocation agent, retirement consultant, water-quality specialist, marriage broker, horticulture therapist. So creatives; start developing an AI-driven spoken-language interface that allows access to an interactive “relocation guide-book” which includes immersive 3D garden tours, 3D retirement home walkthru’s, a huge customisable info-bank on the chosen destination, and tops it off with the option to be deep-frozen on death, and you’ll be rolling in dosh. Maybe. Or you could just train up to be a New Materials Utilization Combination Specialist; working out how the new semi-‘intelligent’ materials can combine with others & with computers, for amazing new real-world applications.

Landscape, art & the past:
A useful joint paper on Environment Art & The Re-Presentation of The Past. Maybe the new jobs list should include ‘archeological artist’?