dott 07 — can designers jettison their obsession with designer bollocks, and actually design things that help local communities do real (or even un-real) things in the gritty North-East of England?

dott07 launches in April with Mapping the Necklace

“Can you roam a park which doesn’t, as such, really exist? Can you investigate compelling experiences you think are there but are so ‘privately owned’ you’ve always assumed weren’t yours to find? Can you actually map something – a trail, a place, a sense – that is short-lived? And can you decide for yourself what today’s process of mapping – given all of our design tools – really means, and capture the experts who will help you make the mapping happen? Yes, you can… in the city of Durham, where the Durham Necklace Park has ‘opened for business’ – virtually – and where you will be able to help create and join teams of other spies, geeks, performers and lone rangers and (un)usual suspects to track, create, design and compose along the 12 miles River Wear’s 1,000 years of river-linked experience.”