Drool, drool, drool

“The new OQO 02 … is 14 centimeters wide, 8 centimeters high, and 3 centimeters thick — small enough to toss in a purse or a large pocket. It weighs 1lb. Yet it’s a full Windows Vista-capable computer, with a 1.5-gigahertz processor, an 800-by-480-pixel touch screen, a slide-out keyboard, and three kinds of wireless connectivity.”

It even has backlit letters on the keyboard, which would be uber-cool (full specs are here). Ok, yes; it does slightly resemble a ZX-81, but that just adds to its appeal.

Cost: $1,849 US (about £900, although that’d be for ‘personal import without VAT’) for the 1Gb RAM version, available for pre-order now in the U.S., and apparently shipping within about two months.

It’s certainly expensive, especially if you add on accessories and extended battery; but — if you were to keep the keyboard stowed away and turned it sideways — it looks like a viable and flexible eBook reader may finally have arrived, and with enough capacity (60Gb) to turn it into a portable eLibrary.

There’s no DVD drive due to the tiny size; but with bittorrent or home-made .avi rips, there’s no reason you couldn’t comfortably pack a dozen 700mb movies on it. It’s effectively a fully-fledged laptop (with a standard digital-projector connector for showing Powerpoint) that’s also an MP3 player/recorder, a portable DVD player, and an eBook reader — which certainly mitigates the high price.

And I wonder how sensitive drawing directly onto the touch screen would be? Would it be sensitive enough to replace a small Wacom tablet? Apparently it can accept any Wacom pen. I’m also wondering if, paired with a decent microphone inserted into the standard jack, it wouldn’t also become a pocketable field audio recorder/editor and podcasting rig?

Youtube video here. Update: July 2007 PC Mag review here.