Parts of Birmingham City Council seem to be starting to resemble Fawlty Towers. The Council sent out a hefty 1Mb e-mail flyer for a creative industries networking event in February. As a BMP file. Then they sent it again. And to top that, the CC lines in both e-mails contains all the e-mail addresses from their mailing list. Grr.

His & hers, 70’s style:
Here’s an interesting conjunction of two different research-backed trend-spotting reports, on fashion’s strong swing back to the stereotypes of ‘macho’ man and ‘bimbo’ woman. (Free registration required).

ex c/PLEX:
I hear that West Bromwich’s planned £40m c/PLEX arts centre is to be re-named and “branded” before the opening in 2005; the wraps come off the new name in March.