The Campaign for Regional Broadcasting Midlands has a new report out…

“The new annual report showed the BBC spent just 1.5% of its programming budget in the Midlands in 2016, down from 1.8% the year previously.”

Admittedly Birmingham will soon get BBC Three, but on investigation that’s less impressive than it sounds. According to Computer Weekly it’s only a “second HQ” for the online-only BBC Three, housing the bit which undertakes the “creation of some of its short form content and social media” made by a “new youth team” for its Daily Drop yoof brand, with the move to Birmingham being a bid to “save £30m” in costs. There’s also set to be a “digital innovation team” alongside the social meeedya-ites, of unknown size, presumably managing and training up the young content makers and feeding the best down to London. Worth having, if it lasts, but probably likely to be very Birmingham-centric and not the huge slate of regional content-making that we deserve. Not that I’ll see any of it, as I’m the wrong demographic.

In general the BBC makes little difference to me, these days. My BBC consumption has withered away and is now limited to .mp3 downloads of Radio 4’s In Our Time, and the venerable Doctor Who series. Although in the light of the mostly-lacklustre recent season of Doctor Who, continuing viewing of even that is now debatable and will depend on the first three episodes of the next series. What would bring me back, or boost my hours of BBC-time? In Our Time headed by Paxman, with Bragg doing offshoot in-depth ‘specials’ like his Darwin In Our Time series. A weekly 90-minute digest podcast with the best local interviews and outside broadcast pieces from my local radio station. Bringing back the ability to view online listings only for BBC Radio 3: Speech and Documentary. A ‘new radio documentary downloads’ digest and alerts service blog, kind of like a niche boutique Radio Times with an RSS feed. That would be a start.