Some interesting-sounding conferences, during 2007:

Culture as Innovation — The Search for Creative Power in Economies and Societies (Finland, June 07)

“This Motley Crew”: Managing “Creatives” and the Creative Unit (Glasgow, Feb 07)

Imaging Place (Florida, USA, Feb 07) …

“The purpose of this conference is to portray and discuss how places themselves become not only sociopoetic art — i.e.: works where the places and [artistic] expression become [overlapping layers] one upon the other — but categories and logics of thought and decision.”

Sedimentations: Art . Culture . Nature (Rhode Island, USA, May 07) – the conference will…

“address connections between time, ecology, human history and the histories of the land.”

Wolfenden at 50: Sex/Life/Politics in the British World, 1945-1969 (London, Jun 07) – explores the impact of sexual decriminalisation on the politics and culture of the anglosphere.

Taxis of the World, an international conference (Lisbon, Sept 07) – celebrates the global culture of taxis.