The government’s new postgrad student loans are here. If you plan to take a Masters course from 1st August 2016, you can apply for a loan of up to £10,000 to help with course fees and living costs. All types of courses are eligible, including media and the arts. Payback only starts when you start earning more than £21k a year.

Our Armed Forces and members of their close family will also be able to study at UK universities while posted abroad, via distance learning. This follows changes in the rules a few weeks ago, and means they can also access the new postgraduate loans…

“…the Government is adding a new exemption that will allow them to gain student funding for a UK based distance learning course, even if they are posted overseas at the start or during the course itself.”

The government has stood by its promise to allow applications for all Masters topics, and media and the arts are not excluded. However, if my local university is anything to go by, universities will be deeming just a few of their Masters courses to be ‘not eligible’ for a postgrad loan — these seem to be the ‘professional body’ sort of postgrad courses that give professional qualifications in things like marketing, education, and sports.