Designer bum:
Got a fat bum from sitting in front of Photoshop all day, stuffing yourself with buns and coffee? Don’t worry, if you’re an artist or designer then it’s probably “all in the mind”. Researchers at the London Medical School have found an additional designer illness; literally. Looking beyond the well-known repetitive-strain injuries, they found that designers are “five times more likely” to suffer from “BDD”, a “mental disorder characterised by a distorted body image”. They discovered this when they looked at the professions of people in a sample of 100 BDD patients; twenty percent were designers.

Designer envy:
Manchester are offering an impressive new “Setting-up Scheme” for new creative businesses; a rent-free studio for two years, a grant of £6000, with a further equipment grant of £1000, plus a training programme and free marketing and promotion.

Designer heron:
Right in the city centre of Birmingham, a real-live heron landed near BIAD and started fishing, yesterday. It was still there today, stalking around the pool in the dusk.