Well, what a fascinating day in politics. Yesterday I watched closely as May’s magnificently bold re-shuffle unfolded. The result seems almost perfectly pitched — provided they can keep hapless motor-mouths like Boris and Leadsom on a tight brief. And also keep Gove and Osborne quiet on the back-benches, perhaps by subtly holding out the prospect of re-entry into government after a successful Brexit and 2020 general election.

It’s also amazing how events have once again closely paralleled a great movie. Elizabeth: the Golden Age was the movie of the referendum and its two week aftermath, almost perfectly matching the events and personages. Now the movie’s prequel, Elizabeth, quite closely parallels May’s swift and decisive reshuffle. In Elizabeth the young queen Elizabeth, with the aid of her shrewd new bearded advisor and spy-master Walsingham, moves swiftly to suppress threats both internal and external, ruthlessly executing her internal enemies. Amusingly, May’s equivalent of Walsingham — Nick Timothy — even rather resembles Walsingham as portrayed in the films…


Good to see that Nick Timothy is a proud Brummie, by the way, which may bode well for Birmingham. It’s probably also good for the West Midlands that Javid, from Bromsgrove, is the new Communities Secretary. And the new Conservative Party Chairman, Patrick McLoughlin, is a former coal miner from Staffordshire.