Google Street View now has the first full UK walking trail online, in 360-degree walkable form. It’s the ancient North Downs Way, stretching 153 miles from Farnham — Canterbury — the White Cliffs of Dover. Next up is the Cleveland Way, and the rest of the UK’s main long-distance National Trails are scheduled to go online over the next two years.

Such virtual walking is also set to be boosted in popularity by interfacing with the new wave of 360-degree VR headsets (Jason Singh’s Tweet Music might be the soundtrack for those + the Trails).

Despite there being many fine long-distance paths in and through the Midlands, there’s a huge blank in the National Trails in the centre of the country…


So will the Midlands have to wait, perhaps a decade or so, to reap the tourism benefits of all this new photo-mapping? Or might a consortium of local councils in the Midlands get together and fund a couple of backpack Google-cameras and series of walks this summer?