I’m a fan of documentaries on creatives and the creative process, especially those rare feature-length documentaries on comics and cartooning. I recently enjoyed the excellent new one on the cartoonists of The New Yorker.

Now it’s super to hear about a new feature-length documentary on one of the greatest British weekly comics, the science-fiction comic 2000 A.D.. Future Shock!: The Story Of 2000 A.D. interviews almost all the important creators, bar Alan Moore (who’s presumably still grumping about the publisher’s rights-grabs from artists and writers, as was standard industry practice back then).


I quit reading 2000 A.D. circa 1983, and gave away a near-complete collection in paper, though I kept up with a couple of the better strips when they became collected as graphic novels. Thankfully the issues can, of course, now be had digitally for reading on a tablet.