The annual Edge Question compilation is out today, asking 194 leading thinkers and do-ers: “What do you consider the most interesting recent [scientific] news, and what makes it important?”


The combined answers run to the length of two novels. There’s no official ebook version, and Instapaper is going to choke on 133,000 words. So, as usual, I’ve taken the liberty of producing a conversion to .mobi (Kindle ereader). This is unofficial and unabridged, a straight conversion with fluid text (no hard line-wrapping) and the retention of italics and other formatting. The thumbnail portraits and HTML links back to are retained, but I didn’t have the patience to put in a 194-author linked table-of-contents.

Edge Question 2016 in Kindle .mobi format.

It’s easily converted to .epub or any other format you prefer, by the free Calibre ebook conversion software.