I got so fed up with the BT broadband Home Hub today, that went out and bought a replacement for it. My new £59.99 Belkin FSD7632-4 ADSL modem/router works fine. It’s had rock-solid connectivity for hours now, connecting to the BT Total Broadband 8mb/s service. So my broadband problem was clearly due to the BT Home Hub router. The Hub had worked fine for exactly three months, true; but then promptly went into a death-spiral of ever-decreasing periods of connectivity, after (I suspect) BT screwed it up with a dodgy auto-installed firmware revision. My new Belkin router has far better security/encryption than the Hub, and a stronger wi-fi signal. The Hub and associated IP phone will be offloaded on eBay soon, along with BT’s hopes of ever getting me to use the Hub to access their future ‘BT Vision’ films subscription service.