Why are there no adult courses in “sight reading of Spanish” and other similar-to-English written languages? Not in speaking the language, not in writing it, but just in being able to sight read it — to the level where one doesn’t need to puzzle over the surreal Google-isms of Google Translate.

Such a course would also be a fairly ‘quick win’ for middle-school kids, without all the painful sturm and drang of trying to speak the language. Think of all the cool untranslated graphic novels they’d be able to read. Such short school courses might run:

Age 10: Learn to read some of the Latin in the Harry Potter books.
Age 11: Learn to read a Spanish sci-fi graphic novel.
Age 13: Learn to read a French graphic novel by Moebius.
Age 14: Learn to read a Italian WWII graphic novel.
Age 15: Learn the basics of reading a Japanese graphic novel.