My considered conclusion on BT 8mb/s broadband, after four months of use? The service is not ready for IP telephony, house security systems, or IPTV. The reason? Such services will require rock-solid 24/7/365 connectivity for a mass consumer roll-out, but in my experience BT’s 8mb/s connectivity is just too unreliable. I’m currently lucky to get 40 minutes of connectivity before it dies away completely and the BT Home Hub needs to be rebooted by turning off the electricity at the wall. I suspect the fault may be due to a Hub firmware upgrade (BT auto-installs them into the Hub silently, from time to time) that happened about mid October. That was the first time it happened, and there was a message on the BT helpline (accessing a real person is impossible) at that time, telling customers to reboot their Home Hub unit. If the problem isn’t a Hub firmware c*ck-up, then one might be entitled to suspect that BT is giving new customers three months of fast and reliable access (I started in mid July) and is then deliberately shunting them onto a less reliable connection.