Interesting New Scientist special supplement (23rd May 2015) on improving one’s sight, “Good looking: 6 surprising ways to improve your eyesight”. The measures suggested, as well as innovative lenses and surgery, include…

* Veggies. No, not carrots. “Trials have shown that people in the early stages of the disease [yellow spots in the eyes of old people] who take supplements of macular pigments [in spinach, red peppers], vitamins C and E, and zinc are 25 per cent less likely to suffer deterioration in their vision.”

* Walking and looking. Simply going for a walk and learning to look out for and spot small details (perhaps the different grass and leaf types, for instance). This is especially good for kids — and doing things like surveying a landscape for details also trains their long-sight, which is increasingly underused due to their intense use of screen media.

* Videogames, especially fast-moving videogame shooter classics, such as (my fave) Unreal Tournament 2004 (ONS-Arctic Stronghold, CTF-Grassy Knoll, DM-Albatross maps). It’s not the eyes that this trains, but the brain… “there is no evidence that any kind of [physical, eye-movement] exercise improves the eye’s focusing powers, which is the cause of most vision problems. But there is evidence that the brain can get better at interpreting the signals it receives from the eyes.”