Conan Doyle Convention in Birmingham on 30th May, £15 tickets still remaining.

* Tom Ue, giving a talk on Professor Challenger.

* Panel: “Exploring Doyle’s Worlds: Sherlock vs Challenger” (Michael R. Brush, Steve Lockley, Jan Edwards, Tom Ue).

* Book Launches: Challenger Unbound (anthology of Challenger adventures), Mycroft & The Necromancer.

* Panel: Steampunk vs Historical Fiction: What did the Victorians Ever Inspire Us To? (Rhys Hughes, S. G. Mullholland).

* ‘Don’t Go Into the Cellar’ presents the 90 minute play: ‘The Singular Exploits of Sherlock Holmes’.

“I should wish nothing better than to have some more of such experiences.” [said Holmes]

“To-day, for example?”

“Yes, to-day, if you like.”

“And as far off as Birmingham?”

“Certainly, if you wish it.”

— from the Sherlock Holmes adventure “The Adventure of the Stockbroker’s Clerk”, set in Birmingham’s Corporation St.