“Birmingham? Why send tourists there?” warbles Tim Moore in the Telegraph. His key points seem to be…

* Brum is being over-hyped and mis-sold by the city’s PR professionals. The City Centre has shopping and eateries plus a little unchallenging culture, but so do plenty of other places.

* Concrete 1970s horror still lies in wait just outside the inner ring road, and sometimes within.

* Brummies are too clever by half (“the city still employs more than 100,000 people in specialised engineering and manufacturing”), and they have the cheek to do it with a Brummie accent.

We’ve heard such idle carping from Bored London Journalists before, of course, and I won’t bore readers with yet another counterblast to it. He obviously hardly knows the city, or else he would have mounted a far more devastating attack. I’d just note that such limp attacks are perhaps not ameliorated by those who feel obliged to regurgitate inane PR piffle from the other direction. Such as the dismal boilerplate corrective that the Telegraph felt obliged to append to Moore’s article.