Pushing the super-accurate period of the UK Met Office weather forecast from 12 to 24 hours is set to save billions of pounds by 2020. The Mail reports savings of “£200bn by 2020”, which seems to be mis-reporting. The BBC seems to more realistically suggest a saving to the nation of £2bn from Sept 2015 to 2017 (when the supercomputer will be fully operational).

But even at £2bn (per year?) it suggests that the many other online services are probably having similar knock-on effects on the UK’s efficiency. I guess there may even be a multiplier effect of the aggregated interactions between such services, in a sort of ‘perfect storm’ of BBC ten-day weather, Google Street View, Facebook, and all the rest. Should schools be teaching kids, from the earliest age, how to use that kind of open ‘predictive and planning intelligence’ in a skilled and integrated manner? In the hope that it will percolate across to the parents?