‘That’s you, that is…’:
Channel 4 are promoting Self Portrait UK, in collaboration with the National Portrait Gallery. It’s open to photographs (prints only, sent in by post), and winning work will be shown at exhibition sites across Britain and broadcast on Channel 4.

Out of the closet:
There’s to be a residential convention in the Midlands, called Costume Closet, from 8th – 11th November 2002 at the Warwick Arms Hotel, Warwick. It’s aimed at those interested in costuming in science-fiction & fantasy – making clothes as well as wearing them. It serves as a warm-up event for a far bigger international conference/convention in Warwick in November 2003.

Staffordshire’s Redism have announced a new competition for creatives – cartoons & comics – to go live on 20th January 2003. The Flash design category winners should go live this weekend.

Trunk line:
Elephant art. No, don’t worry, I haven’t started a photo-series on elephants; this is art made by elephants. Could we see the sad denizens of Dudley Zoo as next year’s Turner Prize winners?

The boardroom bust:
The head of Arts & Business warns that arts sponsorship money may dip in response to the downturn in the banking / power / consultancy / insurance / telecomms sectors. What money is available is likely to go to the prestigious London institutions. Or perhaps they could sponsor an elephant.