Jobs of the future. A list that panders rather too heavily, for my taste, to the affluent eco-worrier / health faddist / quack psychotherapist (‘Cognitive Behavioural Therapist’, blugh) brigade. But here are the new job possibilities that I found most interesting…

Rewilder (Undoes environmental damage, removes fences, repairs ecosystems, genetically recreates extinct species etc)

Nostalgist (Interior designer specialising in recreating memories for retired people)

Localiser (Helps small neighbourhoods and companies survive and thrive by using what is local to them)

Rubbish Designer (Ensures high-quality materials in a worn-out product can later be used to make another entirely separate product)

Makeshift Structure Engineer (Designer and fabricator of temporary or nomadic buildings)

Healthcare Navigator (Teaches patients and their loved ones about the ins and outs of an increasingly complicated and advanced medical system)

I’d have added ‘Predictive Intelligence Analyst‘ to the mix (predicting event probabilities a little into the future, by sifting and blending the aggregated ‘wisdom of the crowd’ + human-curated Big Data computer models + autonomous bots + time-served human experts). Asimov’s ‘psychohistorian’, coined back in the 1950s, might actually be the cooler job title for that, but I guess it’s a job title that will end up being shaped according to the current fashion in management-speak. Please don’t let’s use the ugly ‘Pre-cog’ as a slang name for such jobs.

I might also have added ‘Stylometrician‘ (Uses sophisticated real-time audience measurement and Big Data to pull style templates out of seemingly unquantifiable creative products and genres).