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I’m currently reading Homer’s The Odyssey, which tells of the epic homeward journey made by Odysseus after the battle of Troy. Yesterday evening I made my own (not quite so epic) journey to Keele University’s Art Gallery, in the company of photographer Mark Wood. It was the launch-party for the Three Counties Open photography show, where hundreds of guests viewed over a hundred photos, and heard who had won the prizes. At the centre of the Gallery is a huge statue of Icarus, stark naked except for sandals and huge wings – which fitted rather nicely with my reading the The Odyssey and its Greek myth. I took a few low-light hand-held snaps of the statue but as you’d expect, these were poor. So I started playing around with Photoshop ‘s ‘Gaussian Blur’ function. And it’s possible I may have found a new Photoshop recipe – for making kitshy soft-focus soft-porn from snaps of Greek and Roman statues 😉

(large version, 26kb)

(before & after & ‘recipe’ – large version, 65kb)

Currently not reading…:
My memories of my old school seem to have vanished. No, I’m not going down with Alzhiemer’s yet; these memories were in the form of postings made on the well-known Friends Reunited site. Last week a teacher won a libel action against F.R.; and so the editors are scouring the site for “nasty old teacher!” posts. All I said was the maths master was “horrid” (true, and agreed on by old classmates). But that was enough to make the post vanish, without even any consultation. 🙁