My apologies for D’log not being available recently. A serious and lengthy problem has occured again this weekend just gone – for the third time in the last two weeks. It’s not my fault; the Freedom2Surf MySQL database crashed, and that affects all the paid-for Freedom2Surf-hosted web-sites that use a MySQL database. Including mine. Freedom2Surf used to be an excellent web-site host. But the uptime has nose-dived, ever since F2S was purchased by Pipex in Sept 05.

D’log was down from 9.30pm on Friday night, and only came back up again at sometime around Monday lunchtime. The site was unavailable for the whole weekend. The FTSE350-listed PIPEX Communications plc (PXC) apparently spent over £3 million on summer 2006 advertising to promote broadband — but they can’t seem to pay a web-server techie a little weekend overtime to give thousands of existing customers the service they’ve paid for.

Which might make a customer wonder if the loss-making Pipex purchased F2S only to grab their 40,000 broadband customers and 40 new LLU’s, and with the hope that all but the lightest of the pesky web-hosting customers would start to drift away after the first 12 months of Pipex ownership? Yet last year, Pipex were crowing to the markets about their acquisition of F2S, saying that… “The company serves a targeted customer base of Internet professionals.” On current form, it won’t serve them for much longer.