Ideas Factory:
Channel 4 have just launched their new web-site aimed at teenagers wanting to get into media/arts production. It looks pretty but the Course Search needs some tweaking; my search for Midlands courses & keyword ‘Media’ gave me a first-page of colleges in Islington, Lincoln and South Cheshire. And it’s my experience that the best short courses are often those which are run outside of the FE colleges, by small incubators and arts centres. Features, yum!; “Helen Mead spills the beans on editing style mag i-D“; but sadly the link leads only to a banal page of “tips ‘n tricks for successful interviews”. Funding Search; yum!, maybe. It looks good, but bounces you through to the government’s site, which requires lots of registration info and usernames before you can get anywhere, and only covers government grants. The Art & Design section’s features and interviews are all interesting – but why doesn’t the Art & Design Links “Publications” section mention Artists’s Newsletter? One of the best features of the site is the TV Listings page listing all forthcoming programmes of interest to creatives this week on Channel 4, although ‘This Week’ was still last week – “7 – 13 October” – when I looked at it tonight. There are also some Flash games/e-learning apps throughout the site, and a no-registration forum too. Overall verdict; full marks for effort & appearance, but must try hard not to let things get stale in future.