An interesting article on a recent light-art extravaganza in Wolverhampton city centre, which I was sorry to miss. It followed the city’s light art trial in their Junction 2012 festival. And Wolverhampton had previously staged real excellence in outdoor light art, and on a grand scale, namely the magnificent “Charge” event that took over the whole of West Park back in the year 2000.

The article also has technical details on how it was done…

“The images were produced using a single Christie Roadster S+20K projector located on top of a specially built tower close to the building, fitted with a 1.2 – 1 short-throw lens. Content … was played back from a MacBook Pro running Millumin software, which is perfect for single projector shows like this.”

I think there’s also possibly scope for using the show windows of empty shops as mini performance spaces, in this kind of city-wide event. Theatrically lit and filled with automata, stringed puppet shows, or shadow puppetry screens.

Incidentally, there’s currently a show of light art at the Shire Hall gallery in the centre of nearby Stafford town.