Screen resolutions that are currently being used by computer-savvy net users…

1280×1024 – 41.41%
Widescreen/Higher than 1024×768 – 32.73%
1024×768 – 24.23%

Source: F2S survey.

This means that a single large landscape-oriented image in a photographer’s gallery should be at least 850px in width. And probably 1200px if your intended audience is other creative people, arts managers, editors and gallerists. Although I would suspect that most art images are being kept small because of misplaced worries that “people will steal them”. But to do what? At 55% compression and 72dpi, no-one can do much other than look at your picture on the web. So boost the size — and give people something substantial to look at.

For bloggers and web designers, any grey or off-white text on a black background should be previewed at 1280 x 1024. Because even a web-friendly font like Verdana, if set too small, is often very difficult to read on a 1280×1024 CRT monitor. It may look fine on lower-res screens or on a new flat-panel monitor with MS ClearType installed, but 50 percent of the audience is still using big CRT monitors.