The Telegraph sees Tessa Jowell’s nanny-ish comments about “stick thin models” as a distraction from the lack of support for the British fashion industry

“Jowell’s job, on the eve of London Fashion Week, was to champion the event to the top of her bent, not to turn it into one of those periodic New Labour frets about teenage girls’ self-image. … London struggles constantly, against huge odds, to maintain its precarious position as one of the four fashion capitals of the world, along with Paris, New York and Milan. … What London fashion excels in is explosive home-grown talent, fierce energy and reckless creativity. That’s what gives us the edge. What London lacks is any joined-up seriousness about its designer fashion industry … So, whenever one of our fashion meteors bursts upon a slightly shocked world, one of two things inevitably happens. Either they fizzle and fade out for lack of attention or backing. Or they run off to where people take fashion seriously. … In Britain, fashion is still thought of as a hobby for actressy boys who think playing with feathers, spangles and women’s undergarments all day constitutes a real job.”