Interesting summary of a new report on the creative and digital industries in Manchester, from Oxford Economics for New Economy for Manchester Monitor, said to be… “an analysis of current trends in the sub-regional economy” in the Manchester city-region…

   * 33,800 people are currently employed in the creative industries.
   * 28,700 currently work in the digital sector.
   * Overall cultural and creative (inc. sport, tourism and culture) employment is 178,700.
   * Total of the above = the city-region is employing almost 180,000 people across these sectors.
   * Total brings around £5bn of GVA (gross value added) a year to the city-region.
   * The sector [combo, inc. sport and tourism] will create more than 23,000 jobs by 2022, and bring an extra £2.5bn in GVA.

Not sure if that headline “jobs growth” figure is total overall jobs growth, or if squirreled away in the background is a counterweight consisting of the jobs that any dynamic sector will naturally shed/destroy over a decade.

Meanwhile, Nottingham is using their City Deal money to build up and brand their Creative Quarter in the city centre.

As with all media-focused forecasts of creative industries job statistics, and boosterism for cultural quarters, take what you read with several pinches of salt. Still, you do wonder if some of Manchester’s creative industries jobs might have been Birmingham’s, if the 1995-2005 period hadn’t been witness to such a continual fumbling confusion of ineffective schemes and leadership in the city-region.