More Yorkshire digiarts:
The 2nd International Festival of Sound and Experimental Music will happen from the 10th – 13th April 2003 up at the University of Leeds.

The Scotland-based Traditional Art Association has stumped up £20,000 to fund a new annual prize. I think we can assume it won’t be being given to pickled fish or badly wired light-fittings.

Home, gallery:
Yet another spin-off from the Intervention show. Front of House is a selling show by four of the Intervention artists. It’s at 412 Rotton Park Road, Birmingham (0121 565 3942). Which is artist Diane Taylor’s home; turned into a gallery from 6pm Friday 18th October to 27th October. Diane; “a series of sensitive drawings recording the interior of her home”. Francis McAleese; “mysterious images … subtle brushstrokes … dramatic haunting view”. Barbara Walker; “new drawings”. Peter Hadfield; “pen & pencil cartoons … furniture”.

Crab Nation:
Ben writes to tell me about…. “the Birmingham Creative Underground forum“.

Blimey, that was quick:
Matthew Parris, national treasure, has published the first half of his autobiography. He mentioned that he was writing one, on the radio what seems like five seconds ago. Suddenly it’s being reviewed today by The Times. They may be somewhat biased, as Parris writes for that newspaper, but the reviewer reckons its…. “a five-star autobiography”, “destined to become a minor classic”, and “rather wonderful”.

Wave hello:
A brand new type of photography has been invented.

The rump of the swan photos:
Literally 😉

(large version, 55kb)