Three representative modern ‘3D digital artisty’ takes on 19th century history painting:- “Daphne & Apollo”; “Master & Servant”; and “Cloister Graveyard”.

Zoo Publishing is a new start-up, based here in the West Midlands, which is documenting this sort of picture-making in their Expose book series and the 3D Creative PDF magazine (‘lite’ versions of each issue are free online, although there are rather too many “sports cars and D&D models” articles for my liking). The three pictures linked above are, of course, the cream of the crop – the bulk of ‘digital artistry’ seems to me to still be pictures of “archetypal characters looking for a story” – alhough that’s understandable, in a field that is largely a training ground for adolescent CG artists before they move on to become workers within larger studio teams.