Digitalis 2:
My Sketching the Celts generative Flash animation has been selected for the forthcoming Canadian exhibition Digitalis 2 – The Spiritual in Digital Art, sheduled to run from 23rd February to March 29th 2003.

Mouse or Super-hero?:
A recent PACT report from April 2002 which escaped my attention; Mouse or Super-hero? The state of the UK Animation Industry. It’s a 425Kb PDF file, and also it’s depressing reading.

Video Haiku:
I’ve been thinking about what a “video haiku” might look like, not having been able to find anything much about the idea on the web.

Here’s the classic formula for a haiku poem; “seventeen syllables in three lines (5 – 7 – 5), a ‘one-breath poem’ containing a juxtaposition of strong ordinary/domestic images along with a reference somewhere to a particular season. Seperateness and melancholy often feature as a theme.”

So perhaps first a wide-angle view, then a medium shot and then a close-up? Not all of the same subject; although perhaps all three scenes would be shot on the same general location and in the same light conditions. It should take about the same time to view as a haiku takes to read; seventeen syllables = seventeen seconds in three scenes (5 -7 -5). Maybe book-ended by five seconds of black screen to start and ten seconds at the end, with perhaps a final three second discrete film-maker credit. Total time = maybe 35 seconds. There should be some kind of subtle movement & audio in each scene, to give it a reason for existing in video format rather than as a photo slideshow. The camera should probably be in a fixed position for each shot. Slow dissolve or sharp cuts between scenes? I’m not sure. Perhaps the end results could be collected and embedded, using the excellent new Flash MX movie capabilities, into the pages of an e-book format? Or into a multimedia CD made up to look/act like a book.

More swans:
More swan photographs, this time while they were diving for food.

(large version, 40kb)