I’ve rustled up a quick new photo-guide pamphlet for walkers. The Two Universities Way describes and shows a new green five-mile walk, between Staffordshire University and Keele University. It’s been produced for the North Staffordshire Woodland Walks Week, happening in this first week of May 2012. Much of the walk is dominated by mature trees and woodland, and it avoids busy roads as much as possible. It’s also quite cyclist friendly, and 99% mud-free.

46 pages / 4,000 words. Available now as a free PDF ebook (5mb). If you want a cheap paperback version, to slip into your pocket while walking the route for the first time, you can buy one from Lulu.

No clever geo-tagging, sound-mapping, QR codes, or mobile device GPS jiggery-pokery. Just an old-school pamphlet made in one day, for a stroll among the trees.