Interesting new research paper online at Artists’ Newsletter, Exhibitions are Not Enough: publicly-funded galleries and artists’ professional development

“large organisations applying for NPO [Arts Council National Portfolio Organisations status] funding should be required to instigate programmes that share their knowledge and skills with smaller arts bodies”

“historic galleries need to make a stronger case for their role in keeping talent in the region, supporting creative industries, contributing to local economic development, and social capital”

“the potential for arts organisations to operate as enablers of rich creative experience and brokers of collaboration which in turn accelerate innovation and generate value to the creative economy, is utterly underfulfilled”

“Without staying connected with the contemporary, [local authority] museums and galleries run the risk of losing touch and appearing irrelevant. The networks of artists’ organisations can be wide and bring people into museums quite different to those brought in by Friends organisations.”

[…and in that context of ‘the contemporary’] “It is undesirable for public galleries to cede all responsibility for local visual artists’ development to a [London-oriented] market that happens to be dominated by a white cube aesthetic.”