A New Statesman round-table on the state of e-learning in education, plus technology and the UK skills base…

“If we are asking questions in [e-]education to which you can get an off-the-shelf answer, then we are asking the wrong questions … [In terms of] flexible learning, we are talking about [normal] people who will fit into niches that are predetermined for them in this environment, and we are [also] talking about [other] people who can generate and create their own opportunities [and content, and who] might not be that flexible. They might actually be very determined, quite stubborn, and trying to create something new.” — Keri Facer.

Yes, that sounds like the “one-percent” of creatives to me.

There’s also a telling point in the transcription, which suggests a certain lack of knowledge about children’s culture. Someone refers to manga and the transcriber assumes it to be the title of a single Japanese film — and so types it as capital-M Manga and puts it in italics. Neither the copy editors of the New Statesman nor the round-table participants, to whom the transcription was presumably circulated before publication, picked up the mistake.

Also on teaching, there’s a pithy article on the state of UK design education in the back of the latest print Blueprint magazine.