Haiku for u:
Guto Carvalho is looking for what he calls “haiku films” to show as part of the “XIV Brazilian Haiku Festival”, focused on…. “the imaging of Haiku poetry”, this screening will…. “be a broad retrospective of haiku-films, animated haiku, interactive haiku, all based on the tenets of this Japanese traditional poetry form.”

A haiku in video form.
The idea fascinates
— Jarman-esque blipvert?

Pictures on a page:
PopCult magazine bemoans The Decline of Western Magazine Design. Meanwhile, over in cyber-land, London’s ICA finally puts on an interesting seminar, shock! MOUSE vs MOUSE is an �8 talk about using digital tools to create comic-books (discussed on D’log a while back you may remember), this coming Wednesday. The Times highlights the coming-of-age of the graphic novel. And as comics morphs into games, check out the new Digital Games Research Organisation.

New sites:
Birmingham’s Sadie Plant has e-mailed me to tell me she has a new personal web-page, and she’ll be giving a talk at Vivid in 2003. And Phil writes to say he enjoys D’log and that he has…. “a new photoblog type site thing”; blog / photoblog.

Join the SAS:
Special Artists Service, that is 😉 Down where the Midlands cider-apples grow and the SAS roam, there’s a new crop in the offing – creatives. Find out more at Creative Herefordshire. They’ve got �551,000 of EU-funding, so they are able to give away small pots of grant money; always a good way to kick-start a creative-industries cluster and get jaded creatives to take the service seriously.