Not a bad budget, given the desperate lack of room for maneuver. Here are the creative industries bits I spotted…

* many artists and indie creatives will be pleased that they will pay no tax if they earn below £8,105 a year (from next month), and later £9,205 (from in April 2013). Personally I’d say it needs to reach the psychologically important £10k mark as soon as possible.

* “small businesses [turnover less than £77,000] could be exempted from providing full accounts” from 2013.

* a vague announcement of corporation tax relief for British animation, video games, and certain “high-end” television productions. But it seems only a few selected productions will be eligible for “up to 25%” tax breaks. To be introduced from April 2013. Apparently costed at £50m per year? I’m not sure it’s going to be enough to prevent animation firms moving abroad, by the time it’s divvied up between animation, games, and TV.

* the Government will “test a new loans scheme for young people to help them set up their own business”.

* Birmingham and Manchester both selected as potential beneficiaries of £100m, to fund super-fast broadband by 2015. Seemingly subject to suitable schemes being proposed. Given the record of big-project IT messes in such cities, let’s hope it’s not public-sector led.

* an additional £50m will be made available to smaller cities [seemingly not yet named] to upgrade their broadband networks.

* a £100m fund to boost university research facilities in the UK through private sector involvement (likely to be medical and engineering, but I guess some film industry mo-cap/FX/real-time rendering stuff might creep in?)

* tax relief on large donations to good causes to be capped at £50,000.