Twelve for…?:
On the way to fetch my refurbished bike, I crossed a newly mown field. No less than twelve magpies were hopping around in one corner. The rhyme “one for sorrow, two for joy, three for a girl…” usually stops at seven, though. I’d like to think that twelve signifies “marriage”, but where’s the girl? Though it seemed to be an omen of some kind of good luck; I arrived home to find I’ve been asked to teach at BIAD again for the new term, starting in a few weeks’ time.

New gallery in Brum:
Talking of BIAD; a new Birmingham visual arts gallery, IPS, launches tommorrow night. After September 11: Images from Ground Zero is the first show, featuring the photographic work of Joel Meyerowitz. It runs from 23rd September to 25th October 2002. The IPS gallery is at BIAD’s Bournville Centre for Visual Arts (0121 331 5775), which teaches adults and foundation / access arts courses.