The recently launched Creative Industries Council, chaired by culture secretary Jeremy Hunt and business secretary Vince Cable, has a new report from its Skillset Skills Group, showing that the arts and creative sectors suffer from…

“under-investment in human capital, fewer training opportunities, insufficiently structured career progression, and unfair access to jobs and opportunities”

The report gives 17 recommendations for improving skills across these sectors. On the cards are, among other initiatives:

* an online professional learning network for employers and individuals

* establish a single [online?] careers resource for the Creative Industries, to be industry-led — including a national online industry ‘clearing’ service for internships

* Government’s “Business Coaching for Growth” programme to get some initiatives focused on the arts and creative industries.

* something similar to the old Clore Leadership schemes [the ones that New Labour used for patronage purposes].

* ad-hoc panels of experts for new startups to consult [via Skype, presumably]

* “Computer science, arts, design and/or a creative subject should be included in the National Curriculum as compulsory subjects”

* “allowing employers to manage [creative] apprentices collectively, in partnership with other businesses.”

* “encourage large employers to offer training to their freelance workforce”