Pixel pop:
The latest issue of Wired prints a quick vox pop, on how digital camera s change the nature of photography.

Of course:
South Birmingham College is offering an ‘S/NVQ in Visual and Applied Arts Practice at Level 4’. This incomprehensible title translates from F.E.-speak into plain English thus… “The course is aimed at professional artists who are currently engaged in their own work and are freelance, self-employed or project-based. The course will provide support alongside your work; a space where artists can both reflect on their individual work and build supportive networks with others. The course includes units in developing your work, promoting yourself, exhibiting & selling, contracts, commissions & collaborations. The length is two academic years, part-time (an average of three hours per week). Sessions begin at Digbeth in Autumn 2002, but applications are welcome throughout the year. E-mail: mo.white@sbirmc.ac.uk for further details.