An imaginary scheme: “Double Your Dole”, to help with graduate unemployment. Imagine that a new government scheme allowed a bona fide local charity to use Kickstarter to raise £4k (basically, dole + fringe benefits) to have an unemployed graduate (1st class or 2:1) undertake a genuinely socially-useful project in the community for one year. The government would allow the successful unemployed graduate to keep their dole during this period, during which time the graduate would get the full £4k raised by the charity. The graduate would also be allowed to raise further money online (again, Kickstarter etc) without any hassle from the Job Centre or taxman, perhaps with a capped total of £4k. So a graduate would have £4k dole + £4k from the charity + the possibility of raising another £4k themselves for project costs. The graduate would be required to publically blog 200 words about the project’s progress once a week, and produce a 10 minute YouTube video at the end of it (perhaps with the aid of the local radio station or university). It wouldn’t be a ‘cheap tea-making interns’ scheme, because it would be long-term over a year and the project would be of the graduate’s own choice and devising, shaped via three short chats with volunteer lecturers from the local university. The graduates and the volunteer lecturers might also be paired with volunteer mentors from local businesses.