I was hoping that Instapaper would get around to having a “send your articles list to your blog” button for WordPress blogs by now. No sign of it, yet. So it’s a tedious copy-and-paste job to get the links here, instead of a friction-free click. Anyway, here’s a selection of the most interesting articles I bundled over to my Kindle this Sunday…

The Creative Class is a lie warbles Salon. The Creative Class is alive snipes back Richard Florida.

The Economist has Great Digital Expectations. The Wall Street Journal on why software is eating the world. Education is not immune to going virtual.

Evil spiritualists and ‘psychics’ are preying on sadness in the recession. Just get a cat to feel more cheerful, but make sure you speak politely to it.

‘Occupy’ is anarchists for big government.

Reviving Caslon, on the making of the excellent new book and magazine ‘body text’ font called Williams Caslon Text (part of the
Williams Caslon Complete Family Pack
) which is a refinement on the Adobe Caslon I already use on all my books.