Great news. It seems the ‘Great British FireWall’ is off the government agenda, after a recent major court ruling put the emphasis on ISP blocking on a ‘case-by-case by court order’ basis, rather than on en-masse government legislation.

“Vince Cable, the business secretary, will say on Wednesday that government plans to block illegal filesharing websites under the controversial Digital Economy Act are in effect unworkable.”

Handily, the government has also told everyone exactly how to get around such ISP blocking, complete with useful comparison tables…

“A report from the DCMS, published as a PDF, contained the group’s recommendations on blocking websites that are accused of containing – or even linking to – copyrighted material without the permission of so-called rights holders. Several sections of the document were redacted [i.e.: blacked out], due to their containing details on possible circumvention techniques for such blocks. Unfortunately for the DMCS […] the redacted text could be easily revealed by simply copying and pasting the content into a new document.”