Bill Morris (not to be confused with the TGWU trades-union ex-leader) has been appointed the Culture, Ceremonies and Education Director for the 2012 London Olympics. He’s a major BBC radio and TV producer, in charge of covering major national events (Live 8, among others). There seems to be a distinct tendency toward music in his C.V.. We might anticipate that he won’t omit music and radio, in his overview of cultural programming for the Games. Let’s hope he’s also cycling friendly (‘culture’ is now deemed to include things like sport and green space), since SUSTRANS have a £180-million proposal on the table, to creative a network of off-road bicycle paths through the capital by 2012. With their excellent record of project delivery (10,000 miles in ten years) they can undoubtedly do it — but it seems that London’s mandarins are currently iffy about taking the proposal forward.