Recent reliable hard market-research statistics on internet and mobile use (PDF link, full report) among rail and bus travellers in the Birmingham/Wolverhampton/Coventry/Black Country areas, freely posted online courtesy of Dave Harte. It seems car-users, cyclists, and stay-at-homes were not included the survey, which was undertaken on buses and trains on behalf of Centro.

Overall only 6% of those on public transport use Twitter. Even among net-savvy train users aged 16-24 (young people on trains proved to be the heaviest Internet users) Twitter appears to be only used by around 20%.

For Twitter, Dave comments…

“it’s pretty much a minority activity (of the 207 people surveyed in Walsall only 23 used [Twitter] and it’s very much for young, male, ABC1s).”

Overall 41% said they used Facebook weekly. 83% of young people looked at Facebook at least weekly.