Newspaper Club is a welcome addition to the range of print-on-demand publishers such as Lulu (paperbacks) and Blurb (photobooks and art books). The market appears to be schools and local groups, but there’s no reason you couldn’t do a newspaper sized ‘zine. They allow PDF upload. The front page says the print-on-demand service has been featured by the BBC and Financial Times, and it seems they’re based in the UK. So presumably that means fast shipping times, and less cost than hauling the newspapers across the Atlantic. 100 copies of an 8-page newspaper costs £148 with free postage and packing, and if you sell out of those then you can just order more. Or you can just have one copy, if that’s all you need for a film prop or an art installation. Newspapers that are genuine informational newspapers (not posters, calendars, wrapping paper etc) are free of the government’s 20% VAT.